Accessing MUELE

Students without webmail (Makerere Email Addresses) accounts should visit the ICT personnel listed below to have a working one created or re-activated to enable you access MUELE with ease. For users who already have accounts in MUELE with non-Makerere emails, the system will prompt you at login to change to a Makerere email. Please make the necessary adjustment. New users will be prompted for a Makerere email address during account creation.

Users are encouraged to use their Makerere email addresses in MUELE and have up to April 30, 2017 to make the necessary changes.

How to obtain a University Email Account

Previously, students would generate email accounts from by feeding in their student and registration numbers. However, this tool is currently down due to some technical reasons but DICTS plans on getting the tool back up soon. In the meantime, students can have their email addresses created by ICT personnel based at their college. The student is advised to do the following; 

  1. Write to the ICT personnel explaining that you are a student at the college and that you need an email address created for you. Remember to include your student and registration number in your email to the ICT personnel.
  2. The ICT personnel will respond to your email and it will most likely be a request to meet them at their office with evidence to prove that “you are who you say you are” before an email is created. 

  3. In the event that you receive no email response from the ICT personnel, make attempts to look for the college ICT office and the personnel you intend to see.

  4. Should all the above fail, please contact DICTS through our twitter handle (@DICTSMakerere) for help. Please only come to us after doing your part. 

Contact the ELearning Support Desk on the email addresses availed on this page or visit the E-Learning Office for assistance.

We in  E-Learning @ Makerere wish you a fruitful semester!