Dear MUELE Users, the deadline for updating your profiles with a Makerere email has been EXTENDED to 30 November, 2016. Students without Mak email addresses should visit the System Administrators in your respective colleges to have a working one created for you. You are advised not to make up a Mak email by yourself since it will not be accepted on the system and you will miss important communication if you use a forged Mak email address. Please note that emails with muele.mak.ac.ug DO NOT exist! Get a College based Mak email address and avoid being locked out of MUELE. Ignore this communication if your MUELE profile already has a Mak email.

How to Update Your MUELE Profile
There are TWO ways to Change the email address in your MUELE Profile to the Makerere email you will have received. 1.  Click on your Name which is visible on the top right hand side of the page after you have logged in, then Click the EDIT PROFILE tab. In the page that appears look for the Email address field, remove the current email if it is not a Makerere one, type in the Makerere one, and click the UPDATE PROFILE button at the very bottom of that screen. 2. The second way is to Click on the 'PROFILE' button in the 'Administration' section of any of your courses, and follow the steps in 1. above. Contact Abigail for any inquiries you may have relating to this communication.
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Refer to the MUELE Student Manual on this page (below) for guidance on how to use the platform

For further assistance send an email to: abigail@cees.mak.ac.ug OR elearning@cees.mak.ac.ug